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Politics is Dirty

(The “Pakatan traitors” with Najib bent on taking over the state of Perak. Was it a dirty cheap move or simply a smart bold move? Image source: TheNutGraph)

A good case for this is of course the current political turmoil in the state of Perak. How interesting on how the “independent” representatives who earlier went missing, fight against the accusations that they have resigned and jumped ship are vouching for the Barisan Nasional now.

Politics is dirty but it gets dirtier when Barisan Nasional gets involved.

Aisehman said:-

I do not see how a person of the Sultan’s stature would give his seal of approval on a government formed via a manner that few, if any, right-minded people in this country would regard as just and fair.

All in the hands of the wise Sultan now.

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2 thoughts on “Politics is Dirty”

  1. there’s smtng about this matter that irks and confuses me at the same time…

    wen PR said that they’d form a govt with BN reps jumping, Anwar was ready to seek the approval of the King…

    but now when PR reps jump, they’re crying foul, thinking that the Sultan shouldn’t be approving such a govt.

    we may nvr know about the involvement of money in this dirty game since not much proof is out and involved parties are flip-flopping. As much as i despise BN, i’d say this looks like a moral victory for them…

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