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Slumdog Smackdown

(The biggest winner for 2009! Image source:

My buddy, Anil said that it was almost impossible despite the movie was nominated for 10 categories – he said “You think the Americans are going to give Oscars on a movie made in India?”

Well, how wrong he was – Slumdog won 8 Oscars including 2 for AR Rahman! Well done!

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2 thoughts on “Slumdog Smackdown”

  1. as much as i loved the movie, I still think The Reader or Milk shud’ve won the Best Picture. The characterization of Slumdog’s protagonists were a bit hollow, IMHO.

    Though AR Rahman fully deserved what he got. Reminds me of what Kamalhaasan said once when asked whether was he gunning for an Oscar in the Foreign category. He replied that what would make him more proud is when an Indian won an Oscar in the regular categories while competing against Hollywood’s best. ARR did just that!

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