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Toll Increase

What is the justification for increase in toll?

Still remember this “bottle neck” at LDP?

This is what was stated in a letter to Malaysiakini:-

It is simply unacceptable that we pay toll and get stuck in traffic. If the concessionaires are collecting toll, let them ensure a smooth flow of traffic, or else stop collecting the toll because it is ridiculous for us to pay toll to be stuck endlessly in a jam.

How true – take the Sunway Toll Plaza along LDP for example. The traffic is good a kilometre away and a kilometre after the toll plaza. But because of the bottle neck created by these toll booths, the traffic along LDP in Puchong comes to a standstill and create a chain reaction traffic jams.

Still think that a highway is better than trunk roads when you are paying through your noses for a bottleneck?

Despite no concrete proposal have been put forward on how the Government is going to beef up the public transport and on how toll fares can be reduced in future, the Government still find it convenient to announce an increase of toll fares.

One need to ask the question – on whose side the Government really is. Why pay more when the benefit of using the “highway” is not there? It would have been better if LDP had remained a normal road (without toll).

It looks like an increase in toll fares for LDP is evitable as long as BN still in power.

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