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UMNO – Between 1993 & 2009

(Why there were no big rallies when the ex-PM tabled the law to reduce the powers of the Rulers? Image source:

The NutGraph reported:-

The Barisan Nasional (BN) Youth movement will organise a major gathering to show their loyalty to the Rulers at the Dewan Merdeka, Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC) on 19 Feb.

The gathering, beginning at 8pm, is not aimed at causing enmity with any group but is a positive move to unite the young generation in an organised manner and to express undivided support for the sovereignty of the Royalty and Constitutional Monarchy.

They say politicians have a very, very short memory and when it comes to UMNO and BN, it really shows. And when it comes to giving a reason, it is very clear that some of the reasons given are way past the line of bullshit – reasons such as “to unite the young generation”.

Elizabeth Wong recalled back what the ex-Prime Minister and UMNO President back then said in the Parliament in 1993 when tabling the law to reduce the powers and immunity of the Rulers.

Para 19 of Tun Mahathir’s speech states:-

Sementara halangan ke atas teguran ini dikatakan akan memelihara kemuliaan Raja, tetapi apabila Raja tidak ditegur, maka ia tidak akan sedar akan kesalahan yang telah dilakukannya. Dengan itu, mungkin lebih banyak kesalahan akan dilakukan dan kesalahan ini mungkin akan menjadi lebih serius.

Ini bukan sahaja akan mencemarkan kemuliaan Raja, bahkan juga boleh menimbulkan kebencian rakyat terhadap Raja. Tidaklah benar jika dikatakan larangan terhadap mengkritik Raja akan memelihara kemuliaan Raja. Sebenarnya kemuliaan Raja akan tercemar kerana larangan ini.

(Loosely translated as if one does not highlight the Ruler’s wrong action, then it is possible that the Ruler will make more mistakes and in the end will cause anger among the people on the Ruler. In the end, instead of preserving the institution of Ruler, it will erode the dignity of the Ruler).

So, many said the Perak Sultan may have made a mistake and wants him to review his earlier decision. Others like Karpal Singh instead of making unnecessary noise and ruckus, have decided to take a legal alternative. Now the very politicial party that reduced the powers of the Rulers have decided to turn around and say that no one can question the Rulers even when the Ruler may have made a mistake.

Why the turnaround now?

It is because the mistake may have benefitted the politicial party in a big way? It looks so obvious that the “strong” support for the Ruler may have a hidden agenda. Is the loyal gathering is nothing but a move to maintain a possible mistake or misdirection to remain unchecked?

Another act of double standard?

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2 thoughts on “UMNO – Between 1993 & 2009”

  1. Even if it is wrong, they will make it seem as right, as long as the wrong is pointing to their destination. They never stopped to think whether their destination is wrong or right. Unnecessary gatherings cause public to have traffic jams and unwanted spending on un-necessary gatherings. The actions defeat the purpose of democracy. It seems that even Tun has forgotten his own words.

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