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When I was in the 20s…

(I guess everyone goes through it at one point of their life. Image source:

It was a crazy phase of my life, I must to admit

Kugan was just 23 years old and the fact that he died so young made me recall the wild things I did when I was in my 20s. For start:-

  • I used to hang out with friends who had friends who had long knives in their backpacks and car for self defence
  • I used to go out on Saturday nights and back to the house on wee hours of Sunday, completely drunk
  • I had to look and act tough, just to keep up with the environment that I was in. So did most of my friends
  • I had friends who avoided their favourite to eat and drink just because the police is on the lookout for “suspects”
  • A match of friendly football always ends up in fighting between the supporters of the two teams

The good thing was the crazy phase of my life has gone and things have changed. Same things happened to my friends and their friends. Most have settled down, gained better education and living a good life with family of their own.

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