March 30, 2009

“Santa Claus” Goodies in Batang Ai

(Santa Clause comes in many forms and intents. Image source:

Anilnetto reports the “goodies” among others are:-

  • RM2 million for Longhouses in Batang Ai
  • Land titles
  • RM60 million for various developments in Batang Ai
  • RM45 million in subsidies
  • Rural grants
  • Road improvements
  • Fish breeding course
  • RM12 million for roads in Batang Ai
  • Cash rebate
  • Phone, Internet service soon

As always, it looks like by-elections are good for the people in electoral area – development comes at lighting speed.… [Click to read the rest] ““Santa Claus” Goodies in Batang Ai”