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Enough Bodyguards?

(How many bodyguards is needed in Perak? Image source:

AKJ wrote this in his blog:-

The Perak’s State Assembly Speaker, V Sivakumar, told the Sin Chew Daily that he’s being guarded by up to 20 bodyguards whenever he’s in public. The minimum is four

I am not sure if Sivakumar is under real danger or he feels good being surrounded by bodyguards. It makes you feel very important and look very Hollywood/Bollywood where Presidents, mafia dons and gang leaders are surrounded by bodyguards.

Perhaps Sivakumar may not need that many bodyguards to guard him but given the insane situation that has been going on in the state of Perak, Sivakumar definitely needs some kind of protection, at least from undue pressure and threats. There is very little hope for the Speaker to fall back to the police for protection – they may say he is not in any danger and leave him alone.

So, is Sivakumar really in danger that he needs not 1, 2 or 10 bodyguards but rather 20 bodyguards?

Consider the fact that with most of the constitution issue now tied up at the High Court and now at Federal Court, the Speaker remains a big obstacle to the BN power grabbers in Perak. No one can deny this. With the Nizar as the MB removed swiftly and the doors to the state executive locked, the tasks of holding the matters in legal sense have fallen on the hands of the Speaker.

The Speaker thus far have declared the resignation of the 3 assemblymen as valid, barred the newly appointed MB and his exco from the assembly and held the state assembly under a tree where the position of Nizar as the MB was reaffirmed.

Then how the current Speaker can be removed and perhaps a new BN friendly Speaker can be appointed? The Speaker can be removed from the office if:-

  • He ceases to be a member of the Perak Legislative Assembly, in other words he is no more the State Assemblyman for the seat of Tronoh.
  • He is disqualified from holding other office, or
  • He resigns on his own accord.

With the support and the expectation facing the Speaker, it is unlikely that he will be disqualified from office (the Pakatan is still holding the majority in the assembly in the last count) and it is unlikely he will resign (not when many is expecting him to hold the port whilst the matter is deliberated and decided in the courts).

In the end, that leaves the option of him ceasing to be a member of the assembly and it is frightening to think in what sense he can cease to be a member of assembly – he could go missing for a long period or find himself on an extended, all paid for holiday overseas.

And with the Federal Court now have to decide whether the State Assembly Speaker has the final say in determining the vacating of a seat, the pressure on the Speaker is not going get less especially if the Federal Court decides for the Speaker.

In troubled times, security is not a laughing matter…

On the other part, Karpal Singh may be charged with sedition for threatening to take the Perak Sultan to court. It certainly looks like the weather is getting darker as Najib gets nearer to his “destiny

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