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Human Evolution

(One that is truly connected with the machine – Matrix. Image source:

One thing for sure, we are evolving all the time, adapting to the changes in environment and needs, sometimes without we realising it.

I still remember when I was in Standard One and I am at the canteen during the break, those seniors from Standard Six seem to be giants. We could hardly keep up with them in the queue. But when we were in Standard Six and we turn back to see those juniors in Standard One, they looked so small. In fact, this remained even after we finished secondary school.

It looks like we are getting smaller and smaller, probably more compact and efficient.

Back in office, we too been adapting to the changes in the economy slowdown – more work, less expenses and saving all around. So, when I go back, it is dead tiring – just enough time to take a shower, take dinner and watch TV before sleeping.

At night, when I am in deep sleep, something interesting happens – weird and almost real dreams. Sometimes, I am able to “draft” out one of the best blog posts in my mind but when I wake up in the morning, only patches of the dream and draft remains. The longer I wait for it to be typed down which is getting rarer these days, the more I lose the details.

I just hope that in the next human evolution, we could have an USB port in our body to “download” our thoughts and upload new knowledge and skills. Something like what Neo has when he is connected to the Matrix.

Until then, need to find the strength to type things down…

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