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I guess it is going to be sooner or later for one to be entangled or in touch with the multi level marketing business, especially when one is getting more “noticed” within the family and friends.

Certainly with a slowdown of economy, many are opting for second or even third jobs to get that extra income. A fewer still is getting in touch with the “darker side of the force” known as multi level marketing. There is many in the market these days – one of the well known is Amway.

I have fought off the “calling” for some time now…there was even once when a total stranger, who I met in Tesco whilst I was pushing a cart full of grocery, started to bug me to join a “talk”.

It’s free and beneficial they say but don’t they realised that the time spent for these talks could be used in a far more beneficial ways like sleeping and watching TV? Sigh.


My uncle has been bugging me to join him for a “health talk” by a doctor near his house. I have been putting off his request for some time now with plenty of excuses – somehow I could sense the dark force looming nearby. However since he is leaving soon for an overseas trip, I decided to agree to the request for one last time – give him a peace of the mind before he leaves the country.

One Sunday morning, I went to his house with my wife and my sister and was joined by my uncle’s wife. We drove to the doctor’s house who now have became a family friend sort of. It started well as health talk before it came to the border of Amway and multi level marketing. Ha, we were trapped!

But my wife been thinking of buying Amway products for some time now and in the turn, perhaps try the business itself – so we were taken in by the dark side of the force.

Probably this is our small contribution to the country’s economy stimulus package, ah.

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