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A Mystery

Unsuspecting, I got my son into the car yesterday morning, unlocked the main gates and drove out to send my son to school.

When I came back, somehow I decided not to park the car in the driveway but instead I parked just outside the house. As I walked back, I noticed something on the driveway.

A closer look reveals it is an animal poo. I decided to clean the area before it gets messy – I scooped the unwanted item into a paper and washed the floor using a high powered water spray. It did not take long before I got the area cleaned. I walked back into the house and switched on the TV.

Even though I was busy watching the TV, something still bothered me – which animal “pooed” in my drive way? Based on past encounters, I quickly dismissed lizard, rat, cat and dog and that left me with a very concerned, possible answer.

Not sure of the source, I decided to take some extra precautions – cleaned up the place, inform others and make sure there is no unguarded door left opened. I tried to check on the internet but the answer was not conclusive.

But all trails seem to lead to one possible animal – snake! There have been reports of snakes near the neighbourhood but this is indeed getting serious. Very serious

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