Driving Skills 101: Car Divers Beyond My Comprehension

This morning, I was waiting at the building lobby when I saw a car entering the entrance to the lobby area and it stopped right in front of the lobby.

A young lady got out from the driver side. I noticed the car started to move ver slowly to the front. Obviously the lady had not pulled up the hand brake. Concerned, I noticed that there were passengers (yup, all ladies) in the car.

One of the passengers, an elderly lady (presumably the mother of the young driver) got out from the front and started to walk towards the driver’s side.

The car continued to move very slowly. Just inches from the main lobby area, the road will slant downhill. If the car had reached the point, the car will pick up the pace and then it will be unstoppable.

Thinking the elderly lady will rush through and pull the hand brakes, I waited to see what will happen next.

The young lady driver despite standing next to the car, ignored to do the same even though the movement of the driverless car is just too obvious.

The elderly lady walked towards the driver’s side but instead of getting in and pulling the hand brakes, she stood next to the young lady and started to chit-chat.

Thankfully their conversation was short and the elderly lady got into the car before too late and droved away.

I stood there stunned!

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