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False Police Report

It looks like there is a joker on loose in the state of Perak

From Kickdefella:-

“I didn’t know about the said article. I was informed by my staff and I lodged a report,” he said.

When asked if he realised that he could have tarnished Malaysiakini reputation with his police report, Mohd Hilmi asked: “Isn’t Malaysiakini the same as Malaysian Today or some other blogs?”

One Malaysiakini reader had commented:-

I urge you to sue them and also lodge a police report against them for wasting the police’s time and for any other relevant offence that your lawyers can think of.

I hope you won’t let them get away with just an insincere apology

Making a false police report, doing it so on based hearsay and equating Malaysiakini to blogs brings a whole meaning to the word dumb trouble makers, doesn’t it?

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