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You can’t help deducting that there are way too many clueless guys running about in MIC these days especially when one makes unnecessary statements in the press as this:-

PUTRAJAYA: Comments by MIC leaders were taken more seriously 10 to 15 years ago when the party was seen as the sole representative of Malaysian Indians and enjoyed the support of about 90% of the community.

“Now that the Indians are divided into several political parties, questions are sometimes raised whether the views we present are that of the whole community or just a portion of it.

“This sometimes reduces the impact of the statements we make,” said MIC secretary-general Datuk Dr S. Subramaniam yesterday. He said he agreed with PPP supreme council member T. Murugiah’s statement that too many parties representing the community could only have a negative impact on efforts to champion the community’s struggles.

Dr Subramaniam said it was necessary for Indians to be under one umbrella for a stronger voice.

(From theStar)

Whilst it is an undeniable fact that if the community is united under one umbrella, the voice is stronger but then the question arises – what kind of umbrella that the Indians want to be?

Let’s trace back 10 – 15 years ago, a time when MIC was the “king” of Indians and “90%’ of the community was firmly behind MIC (no matter what bad the party and the leaders represented themselves.) MIC continued to garner enough votes to have majority representations in both federal and state governments. Then in 2008, there was major swing in both the votes and support and MIC is left standing in the wilderness with their pants down. Even the ever mighty MIC president was shown the exit from his constituency.

Then what happened? What had changed in the last 10 – 15 years? Has MIC made serious attempts to look into this?

Look at the issues that hits the nerve of the community namely, the temple issue, crime, poverty, lack of opportunities and of course, the yet to be closed issue of MAIKA. These issues are not new and it is has been painfully been with the community for a very long time, at least for the last 10 – 15 years. The emergence of other voices for the community such as Hindraf and Pakatan Rakyat had caused the community to take the fight to another platform.

Despite this what MIC decided to do? Instead of coming up with concentrate solutions to address the shortcomings on how they handled the community issues, they decided to maintain almost the same people at the top and embarked on window dressing options (remember their “rebranding” campaign?)

Long time issues such as MAIKA fiasco remains unresolved till this day and there has not been much changes on the leadership direction of MIC, so what is there for the community to continue to support them? Isn’t it high time that the community is represented by a much wider community called Bangsa Malaysia to addresses its grievousness?

Pakatan Rakyat for the time being is moving in the right direction, MIC on the other hand is not.

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