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If you think BN fellows have learned their lesson, think again…

Last Week Story

The use of key performance index (KPI) to monitor performance of cabinet members is suitable to ensure ministers discharge their duties in a responsible manner, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri Aziz said.

(From theStar)

This Week Story

The Key Perfor-mance Indicators (KPI) system to be applied to ministries should not be made public as it may lead to inaccurate deductions. Higher Education Minister Datuk Seri Mohamed Khaled Nordin said “That is an administrative matter. It’s not to be exposed”

(From theStar)

Just as expected, another flip flop from the “flip flop known” BN government – one had suspected that it is going to be another case of “say it first, think whether can implement or not later”? After all, this is a BN government that we talking about.


(Will we ever see comprehensive KPIs on Malaysian politicians? Image source:

The fact is many organisations use KPI as a gauge to evaluate staff and business performance.

Metrics wise may differ from one organisation to another. It can be in form of new customers registered within certain period of time, business turnover, reduction of failed goods and many more. Even at work, we have different KPIs for different departments and different level of staff.

But when Najib mentioned about KPIs for BN Ministers and Deputy Ministers, one could not hide the disbelief and frankly speaking, it only meant one of the 2 possible things:-

1. It is just a gimmick to silent the critics on the composition of the “new” cabinet members and perhaps to spice up the “feel good” factor for the up coming by-elections, OR

2. Yes, there will be some KPIs created and monitored but except for a few, the public will not have access to it (please expect words like “threat to national security”, “official secrecy act” to be tossed to a very frustrated public later)

Instead of something new and viable, it looks like it will be another path along memory lanes. In a way, one can say “good also lah” – nothing new and drastic from BN – it will help Pakatan Rakyat to keep up the momentum

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