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National Pride Again

(It’s back to the aging Perdanas. Image source: Paul Tan)

Here we go again…

The state of Perak is in a turmoil and it looks like it is not only affecting the seat of Menteri Besar but also the model of the cars to be used in official business.

When the Pakatan Rakyat Government headed the state, they decided to change the model of the cars used from Proton Perdana to Toyota Camry. The reason cited – high maintenance cost of Protons.

Now after the BN Government managed to get hold of the control of the state government, they have decided to change the model of the cars again, this time from Toyota Camry to Proton Perdana. The reason cited – you not going to believe this – national pride.

From the Nut Graph:-

Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir said the state government decided to revert to the Proton cars as they were a symbol of the nation’s pride.

It looks like national pride comes first; issue of high maintenance cost comes second. What happens if they could not sell the existing Toyota Camrys for a good price and they are back paying high maintenance cost for the Proton Perdanas?

And if national pride indeed comes before the issue of wastage and savings comes in, then what about the BN government in Terengganu who decided to ditch the Proton Perdanas for much costly Mercedes Benz and have been let off the hook?

Many things have been done in the name of “national pride” but another act of wastage should not be one

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