(The ex-assemblymen of Penanti – why the conflicting reports on why he resigned? Image source: TheStar)

Seriously I am not sure what the folks at PKR are up to?

Using by-elections as a mean of quality control of its representatives? As means of preventing another party hopping by its member? Whatever the reason may be, forcing another by-election is already putting unnecessary strain on all resources.

Given the circumstances of the “resignation” of Mohammad Fairus as Penanti assemblyman, perhaps it is high time, PKR to be taught a lesson and handed over a crucial blow in the up-coming by election in Penanti.

Perhaps then PKR may focus more on building up loyalty and skills of its assemblymen instead of waiting and forcing by-elections to weed out the unwanted ones.

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  1. I think its because the situation is eerily similar to the Perak’s kataks.

    Remember the two PKR men? They were initially accused of corruption (which we don’t know if it was true in the first place) and then UMNO struck a deal with them, charges dropped in exchange of them crossing over.

    So I guess PKR is taking precautionary measures this time. Sure, the by-election is an unwanted but necessary problem, but I rather have a clean start than this guy be “forgiven” and let him go about his job as if nothing happened.

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