What second post mortem report?

(Image source: The Malaysian Insider)

The Malaysian Insider reports that the police have seized all files, pictures and samples in relation to A. Kugan, who died in custody, from the hospital which had carried out a second post mortem.

Further more there has another medical investigation made on the cause of the death and not surprisingly, it contradicted the second post mortem findings which reveal the cause of death was due to heavy beating.

Of course the frightening part of the whole affair was this statement:-

The committee found that all injuries on Kugan were insufficient to directly cause death and the discrepancies in the two reports were due to the absence of communication between the two pathologists, the misinterpretation of post mortem changes and some of the injuries by the second pathologist.

With that statement, the committee seems to have sealed the fate of the second post mortem.

What if the first post mortem was wrong and was not done right? Can a committee override the findings of pathologist without calling for any testimony and doing any post mortem themselves?

If yes, then it looks like the second post mortem report which is more incriminating to the police is going to be made irrelevant and possibly discarded when the police investigations are wrapped up and the suspects are brought to court.

The guilty ones may walk free

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