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What will you do?

I snapped this incident last weekend when I was returning back from a family gathering.

From afar, the traffic lights showed GREEN, so we, being true blood Malaysians, tried to beat the traffic light but as we inched nearer, the light had turned RED. We managed to slow down in time but not this Kancil. It was too late to stop at the legal line and it was too late to continue ahead.

What would you do then?

Given the “precarious” location of the vehicle at the junction, if I was the numb head driver, I would have drive up till the next traffic light border and wait for it to turn to GREEN or I would reverse just enough to allow passable space in the front (there were plenty of gap at the back as seen in the photo).

What did this numb head driver do? He waited at the very dangerous position for sometime until it was GREEN again to go. Sigh

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2 thoughts on “What will you do?”

    1. In this situation, the best thing to do is turn; left or right. If you turned left then next chance you have go right, right, if you turned right, the first chance you have go left, left and you are back on the road you were suppose to be in the first place.

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