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Women Inventors

(Remember this? At one point, this was banned in my school. Image source:

From Fast Company:-

In the 1950s, when secretary Bette Nesmith Graham put her fingers on the keys of the office’s new electric typewriters, the machine’s keys were so sensitive that they jumped into action, typing unwanted letters. Erasing the mistakes created a big mess. She needed a solution. And as a divorcee in her 20s with a young son to support, she also needed to keep her job at Texas Bank and Trust in Dallas. What to do?

Also an artist, she got an idea while painting holiday windows at the bank, her part-time job. She brushed paint in the wrong spot and thought, Why not just paint over it? So she did. And then it occurred to her: Why not just paint over mistakes at the office too? Her challenge was to create a quick-drying paint. It later became known as Liquid Paper.

In 1979 Bette Graham sold the company to the Gillette Co. for $47.5 million.

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