Wonder Plus

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One of the “hardest” things to do is for us to “hide” cold drinks from my son.

Since he is easily falls sick with flu after one cold drink, one need to keep a close eye on the refrigerator. To “meet” his demands for some soft drinks, my mother decided to leave a 100-Plus on the kitchen cabinet, outside the refrigerator for my son.

A lonely, easily reachable 100-Plus bottle did not leave his attention as my son woke up and headed to the kitchen. He opened the bottle and poured the content into a small cup. He brought it over to me to get a confirmation that the drink is NOT cold. Once he got my “approval”, he headed back to the kitchen and brought out a bigger cup.

He poured some for me and said “Daddy, I added water to the 100 Plus and made it into Wonder Plus”

2 thoughts on “Wonder Plus”

  1. the boy’s a criminal mastermind. You’re gonna get ur hands full wen he’s much older 😛

    though at this age, he just sounds so cute. hahaha…

    PS: wen i click ur feedburner link from my RSS reader, it doesnt transport me to this page. There seems to be sum error. Dunno whether it’s me or you. Though i shud let u know.

    1. My son is having flu again yesterday but it did not stop him from attempting to sip some refreshing cold water from the fridge. We are checking on him whenever he ventures to the kitchen

      Feedburner was officially taken over by Google and I found my older feedburner link “disappeared” without notice. I re-registered the RSS link with feedburner. It is now:-


      It has been updated on the RSS link on my sidebar as well

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