Chasing the buffalos

(This animal can also be found in some kiddie’s playground. Image source:

One fine evening over the weekends…

My cousin: Damn, need to chase away 2 buffalos

Me: Hmmm, what?

Me with my wife & kid and my cousin with his wife and kid was walking towards children’s playground near his house. The weather was too good to miss a walk in the park and my son was too excited to try out the new playground.

My cousin: The buffalos on the swing

I looked up and noticed 2 adult women sitting on the children’s swing.

My cousin: I have done the chasing several times before. Usually the buffalos will move away when they see me coming. No one wants to have any trouble with angry looking father.

I laughed. We had the same problem at the children’s playground near our house when we first moved in. Fat, lazy bastards will be sitting on the children swings ignorant of the children who are waiting to play on the swing.

The thing that I don’t understand is that those bastards know that adults should not be sitting on the swing – it will increase the wear & tear of the item and it also deprives the children from using them. It is even worse when the bastards hogging on these children swing are fat and oversized.

After several harsh encounters, the buffalos have avoided sitting on the swing during “peak” hours. These days any adult bastards who tries to sit on the swing, meant for small children, will get an angry look from the other parents and if continues, get a “Are you an idiot? Don’t you know adults should not be using the swing meant for children?” statement from the rest of us.

My kid and my cousin’s kid ran towards the swing. The 2 buffalos looked around and saw 2 crazy and angry looking fathers looking at them. The buffalos promptly stood up and walked away.

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