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Dumbass Mechanic

In my current lifetime, I have met with some really stupid people…

My car been having problems with the horn for last one week – sometimes there is no sound, other times the sound is weak and lame. It was very frustrating when a stupid motorcyclist cross against my path and I could not horn the idiot to move out.

(Sometimes having stupid mechanics is also dangerous for driving. Image source:

So, when I took my car for its normal service recently, I highlighted this problem to the mechanic. He entered into my car and pressed on the horn and there was a sound. It was weak – I know and I told the mechanic that it was not loud enough. So there is still problem with the horn.

The dumb mechanic – instead of popping the engine bay and checking the wiring, decided to keep pressing on the horn (on the steering wheel). Satisfied that there is sound, he told me something I find insulting, stupid and down-right nonsense.

He asked me to press on the horn “correctly” on the steering wheel

It took me couple of minutes to register on what I have heard. After clocking almost 134,000 kilometres on the car, I pretty sure I know how to horn properly. I was not an idiot like him. So, I decided not to argue much with the mechanic, I am sure I will get more stupid responses.

I still had the horn problem to contend with. Last night, I decided to check the wiring and battery myself. I noticed that there was some corrosion on the negative terminal of the battery. I took the connection off, cleaned the corrosion particles and reconnect the connections. I then checked the wiring – it looked worn out but nothing looked loose or disconnected.

I retest the quality of the horn sound – it was louder than before but I was not sure whether I have “solved” the problem. I won’t know until I have tested it against some stupid motorcyclist.

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3 thoughts on “Dumbass Mechanic”

  1. I have learnt one thing about mechanics, they only do the rote troubleshooting. If there is a peculier case , the will be hit by the Dumbass bug!

    They do not think to analyze the problem for a solution, the x is faulty lets change, oops still there hmmm, I think the y is faulty! aahhh problem resolved.

    I am sure every one has a mechanic story to tell:)

    Keep writing, I look forward to reading your blog.

  2. A flash of 50 ringgit note at the eye of the mechanic note would have done some good. You’d just have to flash it, don’t actually have to give it…haha

    Mechanics act dumb because there is no cause to be brilliant. If there is a cause, they wouldn’t act dumb.

  3. Some updates – the horn went blank again last night. This time, I spent more time checking the wiring and the battery. I found one of the cells looked dry – so I topped up. The horn did not work still but this morning, the horn was back to normal. Need to monitor further

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