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North Again

Last few days since my return from my holidays up north, it has been a marathon sort of.

As usual, piles of work were waiting in my inbox for me to take up and resolve. Then I had to prepare for a discussion with some customers up North over the weekends. I am ready for the discussion but going through my preparation one more time was no harm. Of course, there were other things to do as well – update my blog, check my personal emails, play some games on the net, etc

The haze is back but looks like there is not much reaction from the Government yet – I guess they are waiting for the worst before they go knocking on the neighbour’s door – same story year in, year out.

Today is Friday and I am abit free but instead of using this precious time to finish some outstanding work, I am dozing off. And I have been dozing off since 7 in the morning. Hopefully the weather is much better up north.

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