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PKFZ: Where is the rope?

In the last few days, one thing looks very familiar from the newspapers’ front page – that the politicians looked very happy with the disclosure of the PKFZ report to the public.

Almost everyone is smiling with the report on their hands. What they are thinking? That they have produced the next miracle pill for erectile dysfunction?

(Smile for the camera! End of story since the report is out. Now everyone can go sleep. Image source: Malaysian Insider)

Anyway, let’s look at something more pertinent shall we?

The PKFZ, despite the long delay and excuses, was finally disclosed to the public (yes, it would have been suicidal if the Government had opted to kept the report a secret – Malaysians are no longer the idiots the politicians had hoped to be) and the revelations made by the auditors were just too obvious. Mismanagements and conflict of interest had made the RM1.845 billion project ballooned to RM12.5 billion (ya, the Government is using the “if” and “but” to justify why the RM12.5 billion). If the Government is thinking that their job is done with the disclosure, they have to think again.

Leaving aside the on-going “investigations” (which includes MACC, laughable because the fiasco has been looming around for a long time, way back 2007 but only now MACC have the balls to act – very typical of “no case” before instructions from ruling politicians, a very sad attitude of enforcement agencies in Malaysia) the question is what will happen to the wrongdoers in the RM12.5 billion waste of public funds? Names have been mentioned – there is no place to hide now for these politicians.

If the public is allowed a say, we say look for highest posts around, tied up some strong rope around it and let those who have mismanaged and acted in conflict of interest to be hanged from these posts. Let their corpses be around to remind others that we Malaysians do not tolerate politicians playing with our money like theirs and make huge losses without any feeling of remorse or any sense of accountability.

One has to say this because all the talks about investigations, ideas to revive the project and consultations is only leading us to believe that the big fish in the fiasco may just walk away with a smile to their face and billions in their pockets. It is not the first time, such things have happened.

Hang one we say, and the rest will think twice of mismanaging public funds. Looking at all those who been smiling with the current disclosure, don’t they recall that the PKFZ report is one condemning report, highlighting a loss of almost RM12.5 billion due to mismanagement and serious lapses in control and transparency. In more ideal countries, heads are expected to roll, starting with the Prime Minister.

Unfortunately this is Malaysia where the Government still think the people have short memories and acts done by the politicians can be swept under the carpet.

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