Ah, so stupid of me!

It has to be one of those days where some things don’t go right for me…

(Choosing an easy but hard to beat password is getting difficult these days as more webpages asking for usernames and passwords. Image source: http://www.infosecblog.org)

Somehow yesterday I was inspired to write a review on the movie “Vennila Kabadi Kuzhu”. I wrote couple of paragraphs and wanted to add in some snapshots. I saved the post under “Draft” and closed the editing page.

In the evening, I had some time, so I tried to open the edit page again to continue. Something happened. The webpage asked for my username and password. It was strange because in the past, the browser had “remembered” my username and password and thus, opens up the edit page without much delay.

Although I found it strange, I proceeded to input username and password but the webpage returned as password incorrect. I changed my passwords sometime ago and could not recall which of the passwords that I had used. I tried several times and nothing worked. I then clicked on the link to reset my password via email confirmation.

Now, this is where is started to get very strange

The webpage stated that password reset confirmations have been sent to my email but after several checks, there was nothing in my inbox. Perhaps WordPress is having some technical problem sending email confirmation. I closed the webpage and decided to try again the next day.

This morning, my blog was still not accessible – I could not log in and I could not reset my password. There was nothing in my inbox – tried to “refresh” but still nothing in the inbox. There was nothing in WordPress’ webpage of any technical issues. I was screwed!

Then I had a scary thoughts – have someone hijacked my blog? 4 years of posts and comments will vanish in seconds. And I could not do anything about it.

I closed the browser and went out for a break. Something hit me. Could it be, I asked myself. I went back to the net and opened my email settings. Saw 2 filters for WordPress and it was marked to be “deleted” upon receipt. Ah, so stupid of me! I took out the filter and re-tried the email confirmation. This time, within 2 seconds after I clicked, I got the mail in the inbox. I “regained” my blog and relieved. Need to be more careful with usernames and passwords next time.

Need to make there is a Plan B lying somewhere around in case of emergency (e.g. if called for an “interview” by MACC). But for now, I’m back in business.

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