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My wife officially took over her brand new car last week.

She been doing some “trial runs” around the neighbourhood and nearby shops (she has yet to adventure to the highway and more busier areas). And the same time, she has been fine tuning her driving skills – yesterday, she learned to check whether the parking brakes have been released before driving off.

She also is learning to recognise the need to drive more defensively and attentively – look all around before making the turn, etc. Plenty of lessons lined up in the coming weeks – this weekend, she is going to learn how to wash the car from me.

Barely couple of days after receiving the car, she called me to inform me that she had a minor accident with the car – she accidentally hit the house’s front gate.

I guess this itself deserves a new category to be created – “Wife’s Car” (I’m sure there will be plenty interesting stories in future)

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