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Oh Fuck!

I could not believe this! Talk about bad timing.

(When will PDRM ever learn? Putting up massive road blocks will never be the solution when there is a massive rally in the city. Image source: Malaysiakini)

Last year, me and my cousin decided to go for our “quarterly” blood donation but we got involved in the mother of traffic jam when the morons at the Home Ministry decided to put up road blocks and made road users to experience hell.

Reason for road block? To look for highly wanted criminals? No. To look for some rouge road users? No. To look for someone with a highly contagious diseases? No. The road block was put up a day early when Hindraf announced their “Rose Campaign”.

The road blocks did not stop the Hindraf’s campaign from taking place but the road blocks did make many road users who are not involved in the Hindraf’s campaign frustrated and angry, stuck in traffic jams for hours.

(One wonders what will happen when the “anti ISA” and “pro ISA” meet up at Istana Negara? Go for teh-tarik with the King? Image source: Malaysiakini)

Fast forward to 2009 – after several postponements, we decided to go for the next blood donation on this Saturday. We are aware of the large “anti ISA” and “pro ISA” gathering in the city and the outcome of this gathering could be bloody. We don’t really care what happens in the city centre, we will be far from it but the morons at the Home Ministry are having the usual “itch” on massive road blocks.

And the latest news snippets from Malaysiakini does not looking too promising:-

The biggest opposition party in the country has ordered its one million members to take part in an anti-ISA protest in KL tomorrow


Police have set up roadblocks at major traffic arteries throughout the Klang Valley towards Kuala Lumpur ahead of two mass rallies planned for tomorrow.

We have been thinking of “postponing” again our blood donation but we will be busy next week and we do not know when we can fix the right date for blood donation. Not much choice but as what we did last year, I guess we need to slog it out in the traffic jam to finish our task. But still, I know that we are going to get “fucked” at the road blocks! We are going to waste productive time and fuel for nothing.

Probably leaving home early and with a full tank and plenty titbits and food in the car would be helpful.

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