The Secret

(I might be too early to write on a NaNoWriMo story but the dream that I had last evening was too real to be ignored. I might as well write it down somewhere)

(What the 3 men were doing with a missile launcher and on an unlikely target? Image source:

It was a small road leading to a small hill. Next to this road is a 3 lane highway. I was on the hill overlooking the small road and the highway. I usually come here during the evenings whenever I need to take a break from the daily routine – it is cooling and the view is breathtaking.

It was late in the evening and the surrounding was getting dark fast. The hill was heavily forested but at the place where I was standing, it was clear with patches of short grasses. It was windy.

From afar, I saw some headlights. Well, that was strange – I have hardly seen anyone using the road during the evenings, it is usually deserted and abandoned. It was a black SUV and it was being driven fast. I laid down low and watched the SUV from top of the hill. The SUV stopped at the base of the hill and 2 men came out. One seemed to have a long steel cylinder – it looked like anti-tank missile launcher. The men walked towards the border of the highway and then lay low, aiming the launcher towards the traffic on the highway. One of the men was on communication with a walkie talkie and they were waiting. What they were waiting for was not clear.

There was hardly any traffic on the highway but the 2 men kept low and were still waiting. They have not spotted me on the hill, watching them. As I laid low observing them, I remembered that I had a camera with me. Disabling the camera flash, I tried to snap the photos of the men. Low light was making things difficult but thanks to the occasional light from the traffic on the highway, I managed to snap the SUV’s plate number and the men.

A lonely car appeared on the highway and immediately the men got excited. One aimed the missile launcher and it took him several seconds to get the missile lock on the car. He fired and the missile streamed along the highway and hit the car. There was a loud explosion. Even though I was shocked on what had happened, I managed to keep my cool to continue to snap the photos – the fury ball of fire made it even easier to snap the men. The men ran towards their SUV, thrown in the missile launcher and immediately left the area. It took me several minutes before I gathered that it was safe for me to leave the area. From afar I could hear police sirens. I had a feeling that I do not want to be around for long when the police are here.

The next morning, I woke with a cold sweat, I must have been dreaming. I was still in my late night clothes. I undressed and went to take my shower. A heavy breakfast was the next thing in my mind. I saw the morning papers on my door step – there was some news on a car that exploded on the highway. Hmmm, this was interesting I thought as I carried the newspaper towards the dining area. Once prepared my breakfast, I started to read the news story in detail.

A prominent politician’s car caught fire on M13 highway early this morning. The police uncovered 2 bodies believed to be the politician and his aide from the burned wreckage. Although it cannot be confirmed as at now, it is believed that the car malfunctioned and caught fire. The politician and his aide were believed to be overcome by the smoke and heat and were unable to escape in time.

Other news pages talks about the politician’s career, response from party leaders and friends. Something was not right.

I noticed that I have not touched my breakfast – somehow I was feeling scared and anxious. I knew what had happened but should I go to the police? Was it safe? I had the crucial photographs with me and the photographs will easily identify the actual murderers. I decided to cancel all my appointments for the day and decided to stay at home. I was not feeling safe to be wandering around outside. The bulletins on the television show the death of the politician and the burned car. The conclusion remains the same – the car exploded due to a malfunction.

As much as I wanted to stay in the house, I was not feeling too good being locked up at home. I burned a copy of the images and decided to do something about it. With the CD in my backpack, I walked from the house and headed towards the main road – already the number of people on the street, growing and looking very uneasy. Daily routine is not going to be same any more and I sensed I was being followed.

P.s – there is more to this dream – details are still sketchy but might expand this in the next NaNoWriMo assignment

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