An obligatory 2009 Merdeka post

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Merdeka or Independence Day is just couple of days away and at some places, ‘celebrations’ has been scaled down due to the H1N1 pandemic. The way I see, there is a reason to celebrate Merdeka and there is a reason not to celebrate Merdeka

The reason to celebrate Merdeka

To remember the sacrifice that our nationalists, freedom fighters and security forces did in order for our nation to gain independence and ensure that independent preserved throughout the years

The reason NOT to celebrate Merdeka

After 52 years of independence, what we have achieved?

In my opinion, nothing much – yes, we have one of the tallest buildings in the world and our technological and economical development of the nation has been in par with many of the developed nations. But that is about it.

We are yet to be truly united (Najib’s 1Malaysia seems to be nothing but a maya – despite a promising front, his political party’s elements are continuing to spew racial discord), we have lost 71 Malaysians to H1N1, corruption bar is still high and MACC yet to net any big fish despite many official complaints & reports – now one can add the death of Teoh Beng Hock, we had a coup in Perak and that mess is yet to be cleaned up and before this can be resolve, there are already seeds of a potential coup in Selangor and our economic prowess, compared to some of our neighbours, is nothing to shout about (despite having all the right resources).

For this Merdeka, I will be taking the opportunity to ‘celebrate’ it by taking a longer nap and wake late to enjoy the day

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