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Oh Fuck! Aftermath

Got a call from my cousin on Friday night

(At about RM23 per pint, the German beer that we had last week was one of the smoothest – we have found our watering hole for premium beers)

Cousin: Hello bro, I am stuck in traffic jam and I am still near my office. Even motorcyclists are having problem squeezing through the traffic

Me: Hmmm, so how tomorrow?

Cousin: Any free dates in August?

Me: Found one (mentioned the date) but it will be very tight – cannot afford to postpone

Cousin: I am free on that date

Me: So, tomorrow postponed. But any other plans for tomorrow?

Cousin: Let’s have a gathering at home, cook up some spicy chicken curry and have cold beer for lunch and in the evening whilst still drunk; let’s go for some German beer

Me: I approve that!

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