The One Sided Threat

It is rather humorous to read a politician’s threats

(There are always 2 sides of the story and thus it justifies fairness on both sides. Image source:

Yes, the threat can be real of course – after all, they are holding all the ISA, MACC, PDRM, etc panic buttons. It is humorous because politicians are well known to be very selective in their threats.

What threatens their hold on power and money and corrupt way of life is often deemed and sugar laced as a deadly threat to national unity, racial harmony and national wealth. At times, such threats are made to pacify groups of citizens (especially when elections are around the corner) but nothing concrete is done thereafter.

In the last few years, such threats have been coated by politicians as coming from bloggers and opposition politicians. Many direct and indirect attempts been made to silent or to control the blogsphere but so far, bloggers  like RPK have prevailed.

But so far there is no end of the attempts for control of bloggers – the latest crap is this:-

Bloggers who incite hatred or harp on sensitive issues like race and religion in their postings can be prosecuted for sedition, said Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein.

(Source: The Star)

Any civic minded citizens will agree that anyone who incite hatred or harp on sensitive issues like race and religion need to be locked in some deep dungeons and the keys to the locks to be thrown away.

But the thing is this; such statements did not come from some “Mahatma Gandhi alike” personality but rather from a person from a political party. Similar statements have been made countless times from other politicians who  have decided to close one eyes on similar acts of hatred and incitement from their own circle of family and friends but jump high and wide with threats when the same thing comes from others.

Let me know how many times rumour and hatred inciters from the mainstream media and ruling political party have been hauled and booked for breaking the laws? Let me know how many times innocent citizens have been detained for questioning and booked under harsh laws based on unsubstantial rumours? Let me know how many times politicians made many threats in public forums to punish the non-Malays for questioning on outdated  and unfair policies and then got scot off free?

And just when I thought Hishammuddin may have decided to change for the good and is going to make serious cleaning up on those who incites hatred and raise sensitive issues, the seasoned politician lets the cat out of the bag with this statement:-

“There should be some boundaries when posting in blogs. Irresponsible bloggers can cause disunity and derail the 1Malaysia concept,” he said

Ha, so the threats has nothing to do with real preservation of national unity and racial & religion harmony among all Malaysians but rather it is about saving Najib’s crappy and outdated 1Malaysia concept. It is about saving Najib’s face in front of Malaysians and getting those who been breaking the illusive 1Malaysia concept to be silenced

So, this is what I think Hishammuddin should do – make the threats fair and square and get everyone, no matter how powerful the parasite may be, to be booked for crimes of inciting hatred and raising sensitive issues. Do this or shove the threats into your keep your one-sided threats to yourself.

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