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Dust has yet to settle on the Section 23 temple relocation issue…

The police after earlier much inactivity at cow head protest (this was blamed on having a ‘junior’ officer onsite) and then later at the resident dialogue (where insults and threats of violence were uttered in public) have started to round up the protesters to be booked under the law (but whether they will be punished accordingly will be another big question)

The State Government have started to look for alternative site and found one within Section 23. The location of the new site from MP Khalid Samad’s blog:-

Hopefully the temple is not short-changed by having it close to the oxidation plant. Despite the fact that the new location is even further from the residential area, this has drawn some protests – something we had expected – why stop half way in their unconstitutional attempts to wrestle back the State. Hopefully the PR led State Government will stay firm and make the right decision without any intimidations.

But if there is any silver lining in the recent Section 23 temple fiasco, it has to be the lessons to be learned by all Malaysians, namely:-

1. 1Malaysia concept for now is only looks good on paper – Najib, if he is really sincere, (which many doubt after the coup in Perak) has a long way to go in ensuring Malaysians recognises each others religions and cultures, no matter what side of the majority they are in. Considering the protest was ‘poorly’ timed during the month of Ramadan and Merdeka, it only shows that mob rule has prevailed and won this time around.

2. Existing temple committees cannot continue to play ignorant especially when the surrounding areas are continuing to be developed. Get the temples properly registered or get it relocated to a more preferred area or get it forcefully relocated.

3. There is influx of massive migrations in near future – so what may look like deserted area today, may be dominated by certain groups in the future. The government need to look at this seriously – are we going to integrate Malaysians from all walk of life more comprehensively or leave pockets of Malaysians claiming to represent the majority and ask the minority to butt off?

4. There is always danger of racial confrontation if it is not handled carefully. The very delay of the police and Home Ministry in arresting the protesters (not mentioning the initial support from the Home Minister) only shows that not all is well and square in the Bolehland. 52 years of independence and we are still on ground zero – we hardly moved as one nation (and still fall for the cheap political game of colliding Malaysians against Malaysians – all in the name of power, greed and corruption).

It’s time for Malaysians to wake up and accept the diversity in this country

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