Look who’s talking!

Khir said in his blog:-

Pada 2007 terpadat 146 kuil hindu berdaftar. Manakala kuil yang tidak berdaftar lebih 600 buah. Sejumlah 800 orang pengerusi kuil Hindu berdaftar dan tidak berdaftar di Selangor hadir dalam perjumpaan bersama saya di rawang pada Januari 2008. Jadi tentulah aneh YB Ronnie tidak berjumpa data-data ini

Translated “In 2007, there was about 146 temple registered whilst the one that was not registered was more than 600. About 800 temple chairman registered and not registered were present in a meeting with me on January 2008. I am surprised that YB Ronnie did not see these data”

Hmmm, I wonder why Ronnie could not get the relevant information? Is it because of this?

Only God will know what were the information that was destroyed when greedy & corrupt destroyed sensitive documents when they found out that they have lost the state?

Don’t tell me Khir was not in the loop? After all, he was the head of the people who lost the state and have been desperate to wrestle it back by any means possible.

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