Morning Accident

(Not the same car, not the same road but by the time, the car stopped, the damage to the car was very similar. Image source:

It happened in slow motion…

Taking a corner on LDP near Bandar Puteri – the road was wet – I was in the middle lane – saw a maniac driving up fast on the left – showing off his new sports car – any Tom, Dick & Harry will know the most left lane has the most tightest corner.

The tires did not stick, lost the gripe – the car swayed several times – finally hit the concrete barriers at about 80 km/h – debris flying – saw a huge chunk lying on my path, managed avoided it – almost hit another car but managed to slow down – managed to drive away without a scratch

The idiot who drive himself up to the concrete barriers deserved it – it almost hit several cars just because he was thinking he was too good and continued speeding even though the road was wet.

I was lucky to miss it but I was not at ease – I worried whether I had picked up any debris and got myself a punctured tires. I checked my car several times but so far things are looking good. And I hope the driver who hit the barriers today is in coma with severe injuries – one less maniac on the road.

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