Travel Warning – Indonesia?

(The dance in contention – the pendet dance. Image source: Flickr)

From Unspun’s blog:-

Another indication that the Indonesia-Malaysia spat is getting a bit out of hand is this incident yesterday (see clip from Jakarta Globe below), where ultra-nationalists armed with “sharpened bamboo sticks” stopped cars and motorcycles in Jakarta to look for Malaysians. In local parlance this is called “sweeping”.

Unspun further asks:-

What is the Malaysian Embassy in Jakarta doing about this?

There is nothing reported in our local dailies – all seems to concentrate on the on-going MACC inquest and of course the recent cow head protest. Can we continue to ignore this real threat against Malaysians? It was fortunate that no Malaysians were hurt in the recent sweep by this radical group but it looks like it is not going end there

Although they did not find any Malaysian citizens, Muchtar vowed to continue similar actions and even expand the operation to seek offices and houses belonging to Malaysians. His group has been virulently anti-Malaysian, and had even opened registration for volunteers to wage war against the neighbouring country

The Malaysian Government should voice their concerns on the safety of its citizen to the Indonesian Government and issue alerts to Malaysians in the neighbouring country before things get out of hand

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  1. It was “law of action and reaction”. Those Indonesian group react with “Sweeping” after Malaysia claims lot of Indonesian heritages such as batik, keris, bla.. bla.. and recently was “Pendet” traditional dance (on picture above). Even so, it wasn’t appropriate reaction to do.

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