NaNoWriMo 2009 Update 1

As at todate, have managed to pass the 11,000 words threshold and should be hitting 12,000 words by midnight tonight. Having 2 days off with nothing to do have provided with plenty of free time to extend the number of words clocked.

I have created a new page to ‘consolidate’ all my NaNoWriMo novels here and hope to participate in many more NaNoWriMo venture in years to come. My first year’s venture is now available for download.

This year’s venture is titled “Unexpected Mission” and it is about John, a former member of the Special Forces is in Ghana for long due holiday but things are not going to be smooth for him as certain events unfold and John is caught between minding his own business or being involved in it.

I am developing the sub-plots as I am continuing to write but it is not easy.

(To be updated)

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  1. Hey. I came across your journal while looking through the interwebs for NaNoWriMo entrants (I was a winner back in ’04 before employment life could distract me– but oh, the rush!). If you think you might want to share your work, we’re running a contest over at that will let you have your work read and judged by our readers. The top novel in each genre category (and there will be five: romance, historical fiction, mystery/thriller, speculative fiction, and mainstream / contemporary) will be printed and made available to thousands of subscribers in BookSwim’s catalog!

    Here are the details:

    Maybe this is something you (or your readers) would be interested in?

    Thanks muchly for your time– and good luck with those words! (Are you keeping an eye on your supply of caffeine pills?)

    Chip from BookSwim

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