Dah Maju!

(Taiping as I used to remember)

Whenever I am on overseas projects, one of the key methods of communication that I have with my wife is via IM tools.

This is of course cheaper than calling her thousand of miles away – certain countries’ telephone charges can be astronomical.

There is no way to waste on the ‘internet time’ as we could be communicating on one end whilst downloading or googling on some issues on the other. Of course, if we need to talk to each other, there is always the option of Skype, Google Talk, etc.

This was an interesting conversation that I had with my wife after she had return from her home town in Taiping couple days ago:-

My wife: I met my friend from Australia who was here in Malaysia for holidays (referring to her school mate who had migrated to Australia several years ago and came back to her parent’s house for holidays)

My wife: Since I had the time, I went to see her in her house which is near Tesco

Me: Oh I see…what time you went today? (I was thinking my wife went to the Tesco in Puchong)

My wife: I went to the Tesco in Taiping lah

Me: Oh ya…I dah lupa Taiping dah maju…now got Tesco also…ahahahahahah

My wife: ……..(silent)…

Sometimes I do forget that Taiping like many small towns all over Malaysia are no longer considered small towns – now they have shopping malls, hypermarkets (in case of Taiping – three of them), cineplexes and some days, traffic jams that can challenge traffic jams in KL.

Gone the days when one can head over to small towns, away from the hustle and bustle of the city for some relaxation and cheap food.

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