Making Malaysia Proud

(Malaysia grown F1 driver – Fairuz Fauzy and hopefully he fairs better than Alex Yoong during the actual racing. Image source:

TheStar reports:-

The Lotus brand returned to full testing for the first time in 16 years when reserve driver Fairuz Fauzy completed 76 laps in the T127 machine at Jerez on Wednesday.

And, to cap a successful first day of testing, Fairuz also completed the 300km he needed to gain his Super Licence – subject to FIA approval

Despite the rather controversial nature of Malaysia’s involvement in Formula 1 and the fact that Fairuz Fauzy is not the first Malaysian to be in Formula 1 and we have yet to see his performance in the actual race (he is just a reserve driver for now), gaining the Super License is not a small feat and with that he has made Malaysia proud.

Hopefully things will just get better for him in the near future

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  1. He will do better than Alex if he doesn’t behave like any typical Malaysian driver that actually resulted in his (Alex’s) failure.

    Malaysian drivers have this habit of slowing down and sometimes even stop to watch when there’s an accident on the road they are travelling like what Alex did when he saw other competitors having an accident in an F1 race that he participated in, only to find out soon enough that all the other racers had overtaken him. By then, it was already too late but at the next F1 race, he did the same thing again. So, how to do well like that?

    Ha … ha … ha …

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