Missing Photos

Image source: http://anakcina.wordpress.com/

Image source: http://ini-yang-aku-rasa.blogspot.com/

Had a good laugh over OutSyed The Box’s post titled “Rais Yatim’s Chicken Sh*t” and since the name Rais Yatim came up, I thought of checking the net for Pak Lah’s infamous sleeping photos and guess what I found. Pak Lah’s sleeping during meetings trend does go along way.… [Click to read the rest] “Missing Photos”

Tax & Potholes

(Sometimes it feels like driving into such potholes especially after one had changed to new suspension. Image source: http://www.blogcdn.com)

As we all know, April is the month where tax payers in Malaysia submit their tax forms and I have done mine up (I almost cried looking at the final tax amount).… [Click to read the rest] “Tax & Potholes”

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