Rewards for Frogs

After all the hard work, sweat, tears and curse, it is fair for one to reap the rewards…

(The frogs after the mayhem, not worried about the state of the State and happy with the rewards to come. Image source: TheStar)

One got Datukship but for what (other than for a great “jumping” skills), only ET knows.

Two got their charges dropped, well no big surprise there. When they were still under Pakatan Rakyat, there were already rumours that the charges were trumped up to add the pressure on these two to resign. Now it looks like it was so.

3 got their rewards, the voters got screwed and a state went into chaos.

Short Hiatus

They say when an opportunity drops by unannounced; one should quickly take it…

I am taking one week off from my daily routines to take care of some personal matters. One can also call it as a deserving break. I will be travelling, so is my family (which includes the ‘big boss”), so I do expect a very interesting  (hope not tiring) travel.

I may not be able to blog (or approved comments in moderation) for at least a week, so I apologise upfront if you cannot see your comments up for a week – please bear with me on this.

But during this period, I hope to get some things done – one in particular, my novel titled “Unexpected Mission” – a project that was done for the 2009’s NaNoWri project. I have uploaded a polished up version of my 2008 novel titled “The Malayan U-Boat”, you can read or download here – please do give me your feedback.

A long travel will probably give me the right chance to fully utilise my DSLR which in some way been lying idle (it is not easy to bring the big sized camera around, I realised now).

I may miss the results of the Hulu Selangor by-election; I hope that Pakatan Rakyat’s Zaid wins by a large majority. There have been enough mud-slinging from both ends (RPK of Malaysia Today still have doubts on Kamalanathan’s degree and Rocky of Rocky’s Bru still talks about Zaid’s racing horses) but end of the day, it is up to the voters to decide who can serve them (and not the political master) the best.

Depending internet availability and free time, see you in a week’s time…