Evolution of Asking Direction

They say men don’t stop and ask for directions – hence invitation email with directions in detail.

(Cartoon source: www.giscussions.blogspot.com)

An invitation email that arrived in my in-box this morning. Similar emails are sent on monthly basis but looking back at the past emails, I could see a trend of how to tell people how to reach the “place”. Long time ago, direction was simply absent from such emails.

(The latest way to tell directions – GPS coordinates in emails)

Then when a lot of people turn out late, often getting lost on their way, emails were upgraded with simple Ms Word’s lines and arrows map. Still, there were people got lost and came in late. Then when Google Map came into picture – a screen shot of the Google Map is pasted along with the email. Then soon after, a small improvement – a link hyper-linked to Google Map site in the internet.

The latest – GPS coordinates. I wonder what would be next.

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