Tax & Potholes

(Sometimes it feels like driving into such potholes especially after one had changed to new suspension. Image source:

As we all know, April is the month where tax payers in Malaysia submit their tax forms and I have done mine up (I almost cried looking at the final tax amount).

But I wondered something as I drove back home last night, tired and hungry – why should a tax payer like me, who pays the tax on time every year, have to contend with numerous potholes dotted almost the whole way home, some deep enough to tear the car’s suspension apart.

Every time I complain about the potholes, the local authorities will send some contractors to patch it but all we need is for one large truck pass through and the potholes are back. We all know why that happens – the quality of the potholes patch sucks big time!

Damn, where my tax money have gone to?

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