“On The Way”

Can you imagine the feeling that I had yesterday?

(Imagine that you have passed this kind of traffic jam, only to be told to go back and fetch someone and go through the same kind of traffic jam again. Image source: http://www.malaysiaairlinesblog.com)

I decided to come back from work early and leaving for home early means getting stuck in “peak” of the traffic jam. By the time I have navigated through the crawling traffic and managed to arrive home in one piece, I was tired and hungry. I also had a heighten sense of anger, stress and despair. Yet still I was happy – I was back home where my son was waiting for me at the front door and I know in moments, I can take my relaxing bath and go to sleep and be in dreamland.

Just I was about sit down and take my dinner, I was told I need to pick up my cousin from the tuition centre (my sister normally picks him but she was running late that night). In the given situation, I would have normally agreed to pick my cousin without any complaints. But realising the fact that I need to go back to the place that is usually heavy in traffic (means another round of crawling through the traffic), I was not quick to say yes. Besides, I wondered why can’t my cousin wait for my sister and get picked up on her way back home (nothing personal but getting into traffic jams can make one to go crazy).

Further, if I was told about the pick-up before I left the office, I could have just waited for little longer and then on my way back, I could have picked up my cousin without much hassle. But no, that was not the case. People at home had to wait for me to come back after going through heavy traffic jam and then just when I am sitting to rest, tell me that I need to drive back to the very place I just came from. Sigh!

I thought about it for seconds….then I told this:-

“Ask cousin to take the bus, and if no bus, take the taxi”

I did not really complete the statement (if no taxi, try walking) – I was tired and sick of the traffic jam and I have no intention of getting myself into the same unless it is a life or death situation.

They should have told me about this earlier or they could have waited for me to take dinner and shower before asking the same question. I would have been in a better mood to say yes.

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