Brazil 2, N. Korea 1

(The kick that pulled one back from the Brazilians. Image source: AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez. More photos here)

Brazil is expected to win – that is one fact that we cannot deny but what we cannot determine for sure is by what margin.

A colleague of mine said that Brazil will win by 6 to nothing. Another said Brazil will win by 5 to nothing. What were my colleagues thinking when they said this? That Brazil was playing against Malaysia in some friendly match?

No, they were not – they were playing an elusive, shrouded with secrecy, unknown calibre and skill team from the North. I would not surprised if last words from the North Korea’s Supreme Leader to the team before they leave to South Africa would have been – “make a big mark in the World Cup or else you will be facing the firing squad”

So, it is not a surprised when Brazil were made to work hard for the goals and only managed to pull two goals and the North Korea (probably still remembering the Supreme Leader’s words) did not give up and still managed to pull one back at the 89th minute!

The final score 2-1 was however enough for me to win something to cover my expenses for the weekend. Way to go North Korea!

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