I saw the traffic jam as I headed back to KL from the South but I did not know it was due to this:-

(The victim’s BMW – 3 people died on the spot. Pix Source: TheSun)

(The offender’s Renault – what he was doing driving against the traffic? Pix Source: TheSun)

Before that, the Dane was involved in another minor accident when his car collided with a Proton Waja. For reasons best known to him, he made an illegal U-turn and drove against the flow of traffic for several kilometres before colliding head on with the BMW,


Driving against the traffic is not limited to some foreigners (who may not be familiar driving on the left side of the road) but also to some stubborn Malaysians who hop on the right side of the road when making selfish queue jumping.

No one in the right mind would be driving against the traffic on a 110 km/h highway at 4.30 am! It could have been a mistake but still, it is a tragic!

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  1. BJ,

    That Dane must have been drunk and that he may be trying to prove something that is puzzling me, I don’t know what it is.

    Let’s see what happens when this case goes to court and see if there will be any discrimination practised by the authorities in cases involving ‘kwailos’.


    1. Hak55 – the rumour that been flying is that the Dane got “disorientated” after the initial accident. He was overheard to say that he too wondered why the other cars are driving on the “wrong side” of the road. But let’s see once the case goes to the court.

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