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I am pro-opposition but it is getting clear that they are wasting everyone’s time and on a clear route to close shop in the next general election.

(Some politicians who say stupid things deserve to be taught a lesson that they will never forget. We will not throw rocks but certainly we will not vote for them. Image source:

It is alright if they want to dream of capturing Putrajaya but without the right policies and direction, this dream will remain a dream. After many years under a rather arrogant BN and after seeing how tax-payers’ money been abused with wasteful projects and corruption, it was heartening to see the BN getting one hard slap on their face by the oppositions in the last general election. There was a dim hope of real change in Malaysia.

But day by day, it is clear that the oppositions been wasting everyone’s time (and votes) and most likely to be losing precious votes in the next general election. I am not talking about the slimy frogs who jumped or the current trouble-makers in the Pakatan Rakyat. I am talking about this snippet from Malaysiakini:-

Among others, DAP is promising RM1,000 in cash annually for senior citizens and the abolishment of the saman ekor form of traffic fines

Bodoh punya DAP!

Of all the things in the world that will make a great government, the idiots proposed abolishment of saman ekor form of traffic fines.

Why stop at the abolishment of saman ekor? Why they can’t continue with abolishment of other form of preventive law such as law against murder, theft and other crimes. Since there has been a lot of complaints against enforcement agencies, why didn’t DAP also announce that they will also abolish of police force and MACC if they can capture Putrajaya?

This proves that DAP is run by idiots – certain things may be popular but not necessary be the right thing. No other idea kah? You got ask why there is saman ekor in the first place? In case, the dungus in DAP are still not getting the point, let me tell you all ah why people get traffic fines.


At first, they were wasting their time highlighting the BN’s past wrong-doing but even though we were getting sick and tired of this, we also did not want the guilty ones under BN to go off unpunished. The guilty ones must be put under spotlight and must never be elected in the next elections.

Then the opposition was plagued with internal problems but things were still moving in the right ways for the people. So, we did not really care much about their internal problems as long they don’t waste our time and money on it.

Instead of stating abolishment saman ekor form of traffic fines outright, it would have been brilliant if DAP had proposed an alternative that eliminates issuance of traffic fines by mistake and tighten the noose around the neck of the repeated, stubborn road offenders (if they has proposed whipping for these road offenders, it would have been a great proposal too). These idiots basically screwed themselves.

For this very reason, DAP or Pakatan Rakyat should never be allowed to step into Putrajaya. Not when they coming with idiotic proposals that rewards criminals and put ordinary law abiding Malaysians at greater risk on the road.

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  1. I like this letter, taken from The Star ‘Letters’ today.

    Sunday August 15, 2010

    Saman ekor must continue

    I REFER to the letter “Saman ekor not fair,” (The Star, Aug 11) and wish to offer some suggestions which the authorities may want to consider.

    It is a fact that even motorists who drive normally to keep up with traffic flow may inadvertently commit a traffic offence as the existing rules and regulations are easily breached. A good example is driving along Jalan Tun Razak in Kuala Lumpur. On a clear stretch, most vehicles would clearly exceed the 50kph speed limit.

    If enforcement is carried out stringently and with more static cameras installed, the number of saman ekor would go up from a million a year to millions. Is this what we want?

    Rules and regulations should be reviewed when the majority of motorists are violating them. It is better to introduce deterrent measures rather than wait for motorists to commit offences and then nail them.

    On this score, static cameras have failed miserably as they are often unnoticed. Even when spotted, they may look unconvincing and there is no way of knowing whether they are functioning.

    Instead, I propose that camera crews be engaged and stationed at strategic spots to record violations. Crew members should don bright uniforms and always be in full view of the public.

    Those caught on camera will be the hardcore violators who have to bear the full brunt of the law. It will bring cheer to many motorists when they see inconsiderate drivers who insist on choking up the yellow box or jumping queue being brought to book. Motorists who obediently stick to their lanes during the balik kampung exodus will finally get to see those who gleefully use the emergency lanes being caught on camera.

    There will be no shortage of organisations willing to invest in this privatised surveillance business and the Government can save millions of ringgit instead of buying, installing and operating static cameras.

    These private organisations are bound to be efficient but it will be up to the authorities to decide whether a summons is to be issued based on the video evidence submitted.

    These notifications, together with the photographs, must be mailed within a short period, say a month of the offence and posted on a website for easy access to the public.

    It is widely accepted that saman ekor must be continued to ensure law and order on our roads at all times. However, the glaring weakness of the system needs to be rectified. It can be accelerated with private sector participation.

    We can also look forward to a cleaner environment if these camera crews are also commissioned by other enforcement agencies to record smoky vehicles and illegal dumping. Their presence can deter many from committing street crimes.

    Y.S. CHAN,

    Kuala Lumpur.

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