Snippets – 12 April 2011

2 stories on young kids caught my attention early in the morning

Missing Out Schools

(Another case of Malaysian being left out from what the country can provide for the betterment of life in future due to a mess-up in the paperworks – full story here. Image source: TheStar)

2011 – some 44 years after gaining independence and we still have children without the proper identification papers.

The orphan and seven other pupils face a bleak future as they have been abruptly stopped from attending classes since Feb 24 for not having birth certificates. This despite the fact that their parents are all citizens

“I am only an average pupil and I need to attend school to be able to do well in the UPSR. I cannot afford tuition,” she said in between sobs outside the school.

Approached by The Star, headmistress A. Gracy said the action was due to a directive from the state Education Department that school heads who allowed such pupils in their schools would be fined RM1,000 for each pupil, which must be paid out of their own pockets.


Who is to be blamed?

The parents who overlooked the registration of their kids? Or the Government agencies who did not take the trouble to ensure prompt registration of the children? Or simply a sad situation where lack of education and poverty had created a sense of ignorance and recklessness?

8 Malaysians who been denied access to education because they do not have proof of citizenship. We have heard of this before but the more important thing is what we going to do next. In this manner, the school should take charge with the registration of the students and get them back on the education path otherwise the vicious cycle will happen again with even more dire outcome. And whilst the issue of registration is being resolved, the school with help of volunteers should arrange for special classes to ensure that these students keep up with the rest of the classmates.

No Malaysians should be left out from the mainstream education just because there has been some problem with the paperwork – an issue that can be easily resolved with just little effort from all parties concerned.

Rape in Kindergarten

(Still remember this story – where an unidentified man armed with a hammer barged into a kindergarten here and bludgeoned three six-year-olds? What is more troubling is the threat within the kindergarten. Image source: TheStar)

Now this is very troubling, very very troubling:-

The grandparents of a four-year-old rape victim and a women’s group are furious that no action has been taken against the kindergarten in which the rape occurred.

They claimed that the man convicted of the crime still had access to children at the centre as he was the co-owner and out on bail pending an appeal to the High Court.

“There seems to be no procedure in which action can be initiated in cases like this. Nothing was done to the kindergarten and no investigations were made by the state Welfare Department,” said Women’s Centre for Change executive director Loh Cheng Kooi, adding that the man’s presence posed a danger to the safety of children.


A convicted rapist, a fact made worse by the revelation that his victim is four years old child still have access to the kindergarten and the children under the care should have raised the alarm to the relevant authorities.

Failing that, it is going to be left with the affected parties to raise the alarm and hope for the best – the parents of the children still going to the kindergarten keep a closer watch and if necessary, keep their children far away from the said kindergarten

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