Be Afraid of….“Undilah”

Certainly it is not the first time they have done something that defies logic.


Interestingly in a country that is bent to promote greater democracy, the above non-partisan, urging fellow Malaysians to register themselves and vote video seems to have been blocked. More story here.

Bernama says that the withdrawal is due to the video yet to get approval from the Film Censorship Board but in Malaysiakini, it is reported “Media reports on Sept 23, quoting unnamed sources, said the MCMC letter to broadcast giants Media Prima and Astro cited two reasons behind the ‘ban’: BN MP Tengku Razaleigh’s admission that Malaysia was facing problems and the appearance of opposition politicians

Whatever the reason may be, it once again paints a bad picture on the Government. What is it that makes them to be very afraid of this video? The same happened way before the start of Bersih 2.0.

This is why Najib’s recent announcement to repeal draconian laws like ISA when elections are around the corner is met with high skepticism. This is why many are thinking that the Government is delaying the reforms to the election process as called by Bersih 2.0. That is why we need to vote for a better Government.

Tengku Razaleigh admitted that Malaysia was facing many problems and said we know what were the problems – I guess, at the top of the list, having too many immature and paranoid politicians and public servants must be one of them.

No matter what, Malaysia is our beloved country – do the best for her.

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