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A quick one before I am off on another travel assignment

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I weighed myself this morning – I have lost 2 kilograms. I know I could have lost more if I had put more effort to exercise but that is a story for another time

In the past, I thought exercise was the only way to reduce my weight but after watching BBC’s Truth about Food, it changed my whole understanding of the losing weight and eating the “right” food.

In this series, the conclusion was outright simple – we end up becoming fat simply because we eat too much. There were other interesting facts too – take more calcium (low fat high calcium milk is a good source) to reduce more fat and always keep track of what we eat (this means no heavy food whilst watching TV), take more liquid food to keep the pangs of hunger away and take more protein. I started to change on how I take my food on daily basis.

Then I read Gary Taubes’ post in the Reader’s Digest on how wrong we have been when it comes to reducing fat by reducing oil intake and exercising. He says:-

Obesity experts have gotten things just about completely backward. If you look carefully at the research, fat isn’t the enemy; easily digested carbohydrates are. The very foods that we’ve been sold as diet staples – white rice, fat-free yogurt, plain baked potatoes (hold the butter), and plain pasta (hold the olive oil, sauce, and cheese) – actually reset our physiology to make us pack on the pounds. And the foods that we’ve been told to shun – steak, burgers, cheese, even the sour cream so carefully scraped from that potato – can help us finally lose the weight and keep our hearts healthy.

Eating less calories and exercising won’t keep people thin, it will just make people hungry. Paying attention to the hormonal and enzymatic regulation of the fat tissue will give us the answer for what causes obesity and what cures it.

I have been eating less at night, taking plenty of low fat, high calcium milk in place of rice if I am at home, doing simple abs exercise and lately have started playing badminton in the weekends.

This started several months ago and I managed to drop 2 kilograms only recently. It is not much but that got me thinking – Gary Taubes may be correct after all when it comes to diet. Kill that rice off and take low carb for a real reduction of weight.

That’s my target from now onwards…

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