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Prepping in Malaysia 2020: Readying for Flu Pandemic


Definition of a pandemic: a pandemic, simply put, is a disease outbreak on a global scale. This is different than an epidemic and a simple disease outbreak. An epidemic is when the infectious disease spreads through many people quickly (definition: True Prepper). The above is the scale used in Singapore – image source:

In recent time, the world have been grappling with a serious case of flu infections (in Malaysia we been fighting H1N1 and 2019-nCoV infections), natural disasters, man made disasters (in Malaysia, water pollution) and massive forest fires. Many people lost their life, loved ones and their homes.

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Prepping in Malaysia: Water Rations 2

Read these first:-





(Some of the quick steps taken the State Government when the state faced with serious water contamination and people’s anger over the matter got worse on daily basis. Image source: YB Hannah Yeoh)

Couple months ago (and the month before as well), a good number of households (including yours truly) in the good state of Selangor was hit by prolonged water supply disruption.… Click to read the rest

Prepping in Malaysia Part 4

Now that the GE13 has ended and Pakatan had settled the issue of the Menteri Besar in Selangor rather peacefully (thank God!), probably it is a best time to go back to our daily routine and one of it would be on prepping.

Read these first:-


(The canned food in the storeroom. Having enough food and clean drinking water for the family draws the highest priority on my prepping list but of course looking for storage place without it is left on the open is fast becoming an issue – I blame this on housing developers not having basement as a standard house designs in this country. It’s time to be highly creative with storage. Image source:

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Outbreak 2020: Also Use Vanakkam Instead of Hand Shake


The many ways of communicating using our hands – the Western hand shake and the Indians of putting both palms together and saying vanakkam or namaste. The Japanese would just do without any hands by bowing in deep respect. Image source: Wikipedia

Unfortunately since a hand shake needs the touching of the hands, this unfortunately facilitates the human to human virus transmission. Remember the first Malaysian who got coronavirus after some business meeting in Singapore? He may have been hand shaking too many people and somehow got infected with coronavirus instead.

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Outbreak 2020: Novel Coronavirus Situation As At 5th February 2020


The 2019-nCoV virus situation as at 5th February 2020: 564 dead, 1,124 recovered and 27,619 confirmed cases. Since 3rd February 2020, the number of deaths has increased by another 138 deaths.

Compared to 3rd February 2020, the fatality rate as at 5th February 2020 had continued to reduce from 2.14% to 2.04% and as well as the recovery rate from 3.13% to 4.07%. The number of confirmed cases in Malaysia unfortunately had increased from 8 cases to 12 confirmed cases but without any fatality. Image source: The Center for Systems Science and Engineering

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Water Disruption 2019: So If It Is A Sabotage, What’s Next?


(Water disruptions and people queuing up to get water from public tanks – do we need this at this age where we have enough rain & raw water to be channelled to water treatment plant? Image source; NST)

You know how pissed off I was last Tuesday?

I was driving back from work – it was raining rather very heavily and some parts of the road were even flooded. I reached home and the rain have not stopped and found that the tap was still dry. It has been 4 days since the water supply was disrupted. Something does not add up, doesn’t it?

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Water Pollution 2019: Attack on Malaysia’s Water Security

Water Security

This was 6 years ago on water security index when Malaysia were in par with South Korea, Japan and Singapore on water security (capacities to secure enough water for their people). Image source: Recap Asia

With the regular incidents of pollution, will the level of water security will go down the drain and put Malaysia water security at jeopardy?

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